Heating and cooling systems are essential for daily functioning. Any damage to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) system can cause inconvenience. While hiring HVAC repair services, you must learn to differentiate between a contractor/installer who only knows how to do commercial HVAC installations and trained professionals/technicians who understand its mechanics. Most Greeley HVAC installation service companies only have the equipment but do not have technically certified HVAC service personnel. At Air X-treme LLC, we offer Greeley’s best, most qualified professionals at your service for residential and commercial HVAC installation and repair.

Detecting early signs of HVAC-related issues is a must for regular maintenance. Here are the indications that you need immediate HVAC repair services:

At Air X-treme LLC, our expert and professional technicians provide residential and commercial HVAC services. Along with HVAC ductwork installation, we also offer repair and maintenance facilities. Read further for five helpful tips to zero in on a reputable technician of HVAC Greeley and surrounding areas, such as Fort Collins and Loveland.

1) Research the firm’s license and credentials:

Familiarise yourself with the state’s licensing and certification requirements regarding the repair and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Hire HVAC technicians who are preferably NATE (North American Technician Excellence)-qualified from companies recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Check whether the firm meets the industry specifications required for the conduct of HVAC repair services. Enquire about their years of experience and training schedules to check if they have updated themselves with the latest technology and upgrades.

2) Hire local services:

It is always a good idea to hire locally run agencies, whether it is for HVAC ductwork installation or HVAC repair services. Hiring technicians from your area or a physical location close to you will keep you better equipped for emergencies and urgent repairs. The trust factor automatically increases when you hire local firms, as you know they will not ghost you before they complete the work. Just look for a commercial HVAC service near me. Air X-treme LLC operates in Greeley and surrounding areas, such as Loveland, Fort Collins, Frederick, Dacono, and Firestone. They stay available at all times should you need their services.

3) Get referrals from different sources:

One of the best ways to get referrals is through word of mouth. Ask around and talk to family and friends (or anyone you trust) to ask about any HVAC services they may have employed recently. Take their valuable input. Ask them if the job completion was on time and if the pricing was affordable and transparent. Also, remember to ask about the after-sales service and whether they cleaned up the premises after conducting the repairs.

4) Ask for a home consultation:

Do not hesitate to ask the firm for an evaluation. During this time, ask them questions about the repair and maintenance services you expect from them. Compare multiple quotes beforehand and request the firm for written estimates. Avoid companies not having their inventory or equipment and still asking you to pay upfront charges. Remember, a good HVAC professional would not hesitate to share the details of their functioning or approach and would be frank about the pricing.

5) Check online reviews and client testimonials:

Always check the customer ratings and Google reviews of the firm. Scan consumer review sites, such as Angie’s List, Yelp and Home Advisor. The ratings on these sites depend on the company’s past performance. So, you will get a general idea about their reputation. The customer reviews written here are unbiased. Scrutinize these reviews thoroughly (for points related to appreciation and criticism), and finally, make an informed decision.

The most trusted HVAC installation and repair contractors in Greeley

With more than 30 years of experience, Air X-treme LLC consists of a team of skilled, trained, and licensed technicians providing premium HVAC installation services, including maintenance and repair. Our firm is well-reputed among the host of Greeley HVAC companies because of our customer-centric approach combined with prompt response times and transparent pricing. Besides Greeley, we also offer our services in Loveland, Fort Collins, Eaton, Evans, Brighton, Garden City, Longmont, Windsor, and adjoining areas. Visit our website to learn about the regions we service. Contact us here for inquiries and appointments.

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